Back on tour, visiting Warsaw

Three months since I came home from Greece and my need for adventure took over…

This time it was a last minute long weekend in Warsaw, Poland that took my fancy. After booking with Ollie on Tuesday 5th, we were flying to Poland on Saturday 9th.

We arrived at Warsaw airport with very little prior knowledge about the place so navigating our way to our apartment was the first challenge. Thankfully our apartment was extremely conveniently located right by a metro station. So one train ride, a small walk and two metros later we arrived at Marymont station after which our apartment was named.

We walked to the location given on the map and found ourselves in amongst 5 or so greyish looking blocks of flats with no notably defining features. I called the owner, Anna, who was waiting for us with the keys, for some directions. When I asked which block of flats we were in, she replied ‘The white one’, which left us no wiser as to which one to approach. After that little period of confusion, we found Anna and she showed us to our apartment. We had a lovely open plan apartment with huge windows looking over the city and a lovely little kitchen which we cooked breakfast in every morning.

As we had been up so early to catch our plane we were exhausted when we arrived, so the first thing we did was have a little snooze. When we woke up it was time for dinner. We headed out for dinner and on the way we passed a cool, small single room bar which we stopped for a drink in. These bars became a theme of the trip, single story, square room bars, all with their own individual theme.

We headed to ‘Vege Miasto’ for dinner which was INCREDIBLE. The portions were so big we couldn’t finish and had to get the left over to take away! The night was young so we asked the waitresses where we could go for a bit of a party and they didn’t disappoint us. They directed Ollie and I to another set of these single roomed bars which were buzzing with people, and noticeably few English voices, which is nice sometimes. From here we went on to an underground bar/club where we had a good ol groove before calling it a night.

Sunday had a lazy start but after a cosy cooked breakfast, we wrapped up warm and headed out for the day. We spent the first part of the day exploring the old town and its narrow cobbled streets. The streets were lined with beautifully ornate, colourful buildings, housing small restaurants and cafes of every kind. In the centre of the Old Town was the square where an ice rink was at the centre. Outside the Old Town’s red brick walls was the main palace square with a huge sparkling Christmas tree at the centre. While we were there, a pan flute band was playing… how unique. We giggled about this before deciding we had reached the level of cold that warranted a coffee stop. We found a cosy cafe in Old Town to get the caffeine boost and warm hands that we needed to continue our day’s adventures.

After our coffee break we headed across the Vistula River and into Praga, an area of Warsaw which is supposed to be trendy and up and coming… Although this is what all the internet says, we couldn’t quite find what the articles had described. Never the less we explored what the area had to offer and found a beautiful towering cathedral.

The days were short so we headed back to our apartment to change for dinner. Sundays dinner was a bit of an event, we had crossed the city in an Uber to go to a specific, very well reviewed restaurant but sadly when we arrived we were let down. The menu was very small, the restaurant itself was empty and clinical looking, and on top of all of that… they didn’t serve beer. We decided to risk it and wander to find somewhere else to eat. Much to our delight, just across the road was another vegetarian restaurant for us to eat in! This was far better and for the second night running the food was delicious. After dinner we walked the 20 minutes back to the bars we had visited the night before, but they were far less lively… what could we expect, it was a Sunday.

Monday started the same was as Sunday did with a lazy, cooked breakfast. Again we layered up but this time we began at Łazienki Park where the floating palace was. The park wasn’t at all busy and we had a lovely wander through the trees and past the water to the palace. The floating palace was beautiful and its location matched that. In the park we also came across 4 peacocks, and what we think was a red squirrel! From the park we crossed the river again, to visit ‘Soho Factory’. Sadly this was a bit of a disappointment. The complex was supposed to be a unique, interesting exhibition type location but when we arrived all we could find was offices… That being said we did find the ‘Neon Museum’ which made the journey a little more worth while. The museum housed all old neon signs which were present in the communist era before their decrease in popularity after the communist period. We stayed out for dinner as we needed an early night because of our flight the following morning. We walked to ‘Veg Deli’ and were so glad we did. Not only was the restaurant completely beautifully decorated, the food was similarly well put together. This was the type of restaurant we felt completely comfortable in to sit and relax in even after we had finished our yummy food.

Sadly our dinner marked the end of our trip to Poland! The trip was short but boy was it sweet. One more country to tick off my adventure map.

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Current level of word exploration! A lot still to go…

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