The Stone Stacking Phenomenon

Today I bring you the finer details of ‘The Stone Stacking Phenomenon’. I first came across this in Pai, Thailand but it seems to be taking South East Asia (mostly Thailand…) by storm. The Phenomenon seemed to involved stacking rocks, pebbles and stones on top of one another, in as a precarious a manner as possible,at some sort of water way. We came across most of our sightings at waterfalls, but we cant rule other water ways out. Still to this day I remain unaware of the purpose of the practice, but I love it none the less.

Here is a summery of our findings:

1. Pai, Thailand:

The scene was quiet and peaceful and something about our first spotting of the stone stacks felt eerie. For this reason we assumed some sort of bad luck would come from knocking a stack over, so we proceeded with care. Not only this but we were taken over by the challenge of completing our own. It’s not as easy as it looks…

2. Khao Sok, Thailand:

Our second sighting was still a surprise and as you can see, location is no obstacle to the rock stacker. Here are two different locations, the first is at the land entrance to the National Park and the second is deep in the jungle of the water section of the National Park.


3. Langkawi, Malaysia:

Here I reached my peak rock stacking ability. I assessed the competition and took to completing my very own, of which I was very proud…as you can see.



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