Only Me in Bali

I arrived in Bali and got a taxi straight from the airport to my hostel “Captain Goose” in Kuta. One of the first things I noticed, once I was at the hostel, was that my plug adaptor didn’t fit. Finding a new adaptor then became the next a task. I quickly chucked my bikini on and grabbed my beach stuff before heading straight out to explore and find both a new plug adapter and the beach.
It wasn’t difficult to find either of these things however kuta beach was a big disappointment. Since Kuta I’ve visited Sanur, Nusa Lembongan and kuta for a second time…

Kuta: This was my first destination on Bali and I must admit it’s not all the pleasant. The beach itself was SO dirty. You could see litter across the beach the whole way along. Not only this but it was full of people trying to sell you everything you could imagine. I didn’t take one step with out someone saying: “bracelet”, “Bintang” or “sun chair”. Also being on my own I felt pretty intimidated as I was definitely targeted more 1) for being alone and 2) for being a girl. Unsurprisingly I left the beach soon after arriving and returned to the hostel. At the hostel I made friends with a small group of people who I then went for a night our with at the world famous Sky Garden. Sky garden is a night club with a business model I’ve never heard of before. Here, with your entry (£7), you get all you can eat buffet and free flow alcohol for 6pm-9pm. After this point the partying starts and leads to a whole night of dancing across their 5 rooms. My second day in Kuta I spent the morning by my hostel pool and the afternoon in a beach bar with the group I was with the night before.
My second time in Kuta was over the Nyepi holiday and where I’d be reuniting with Sophie and Millie who I met at Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai Thailand! They were meeting three of their friends from home here too. This meant for the next few days we became a group of 6! Nyepi is a Balinese celebration welcoming a new year. There are two phases to Nyepi. The first is the night of celebration, the locals parade huge scary models down the street, accompanied by drumming and fire torches. There is lots of loud noise and drums in attempt to scare the demons away. All of this finishes at mid night strictly. The next day is known as “Silence day” a day where no one is allowed out of the house and minimal entertainment, loud noises and electricity is used. This meant, as a group, we stayed by the hostel pool all day, chatting, sharing stories and playing games. Our last day as a group, we took a day trip t o Uluwatu temple and Padang, Padang beach. Although I will be staying there when Will arrives, I went with them so I could spend more time with the girls who I’d be shortly saying goodbye to! For our last night as a group we visited the Sky Garden again. It was so nice over the past few days being able to catch up with the girls and party with them after spending the week with them I’m Elephant Nature Park. Although you meet so many people traveling, there are some you just click with. Millie and Sophie were some of those, fair to say I was sad to say goodbye when they headed off to Gili Islands.




Sanur: After my first few nights in Kuta I was keen to get away from the hustle and bustle of Kuta. I chose Sanur as it’s on the way to Lembongan. Sanur is on the west coast of Bali, approximately opposite Kuta and is far quieter. Alyssa, Dan and I took a taxi to Sanur. I met these two in Kuta, and similarly to me, they wanted a bit of peace and quiet. Sanur is much more relaxed than Kuta. The beach is far nicer, the streets are cleaner and it’s all round more pleasant. One morning in Sanur, Alyssa and I did a yoga lesson in an open air bamboo hut right on the sea front. Admittedly yoga isn’t really my thing, but this felt very surreal and all part of the Bali experience. Sanur was also where I had my firs smoothie bowl. For those of you who are unaware of the phenomenon, it is wonderful creation where a delicious fruit smoothie is topped with a variety of granola, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds. This became a theme for the next few days traveling!



Nusa Lembongan: Alyssa and I took a boat to Nusa Lembongan, from Sanur, where we had our own double room in a cute homestay. Lembongan is a very small, far less developed island. It was beautiful but everywhere was being renovated. This meant that everything looked pretty shabby. On Lembongan I finally got my first scuba dive as a qualified diver! It was POURING with rain in the morning and I was scared this would mean I wouldn’t be able to dive. Thankfully the dive went ahead. During my two dives I saw two sea turtles! It was incredible, I felt very lucky to have seen such beautiful creatures casually gliding by. Not only this but the reef on our second dive was exceptional. Far bigger and more dense with life than what I’d seen in Thailand. I spoke to an Australian couple who insisted that this was better than anything they’d seen on the Great Barrier Reef! That same evening one of the yoga huts on the islands was hosting a movie night, showing “Moana”. Alyssa and I got snacks, then ended a fab day diving watching the adorable, Disney Pixar film. I had a great time on Lembongan but minus the diving I’d say there are better island in Thailand…I think… getting picky I know.



So far I’m really loving Bali, I’m cannot wait until Will come and we can explore around.


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