What a cracker, Melaka

We took to bus from KL BTS to Melaka in the morning, meaning we arrived in Melaka at about 1pm. The public bus from the Melaka bus station into town took a while to come but it was the cheapest option, so we didn’t mind waiting.

We got off the bus at Dutch square which turned out to be a 5 minute walk from our hostel! We checked into “Jalan Jalan hostel”, dumped our bags and set off to explore Melaka.

The road running parallel to our hostel road was Jonkers Walk. Jonkers Walk is a famous street in Melaka known for its shopping and tradition food vendors. At weekends, in the evenings, a big market is hosted here. Sadly we weren’t visiting on a over a weekend so the regular shops would have to do us. We got into the sporit and I came back to the hostel a pair of trousers richer. The shops were all very interesting, each selling different collections of antiques, art and clothing. We grabbed a delicious lunch in a restaurant. As we were sat, eating vegetable satay it began to rain. This weather set the tone for the rest of our time in Melaka.

After filling up we continued to wander the streets close by, finding cute cafes, shops and even small temples throughout the neighbouring streets. It was still raining as the evening drew in so we chilled out at the hostel, reading books and chatting to our fellow room mates. Our next venture was to find dinner. The restaurant was 2nd on Trip Advisors: “Best Cheap Eats in Melaka”. What wast there to like.
It was a bit of a walk away but worth it. The restaurant served Pakistani influenced food. This meant we indulged in naans and curries. Not sure indulged is the right word when the whole bill cost less than a bus ride would at home…

The next day we woke up to heavy rain…keen not to let that phase us we kitted up and went for breakfast. We had fresh fruit smoothies to give us a vitamin boost after the rather oily food we’d been eating. During the time we were having breakfast the rain slowed meaning it wasn’t so bad for our sightseeing section if the day! We walked back to Dutch Square where we learnt about the history of the area. The Portuguese, the Dutch and the British all had reign here meaning there buildings wouldn’t look out of place in a small country village in the England. Here also found a man selling water melons, so after some persuasion he agreed to sell us it in halves, with spoons. Fresh watermelon is a perfect mid morning snack, even if it’s raining. We also walked to: St Paul’s church, where we found (flee ridden) kittens, and Afomosa, an old relic from the times of the British empire. The British were so keen to protect the government buildings (which weren’t really theirs at all) that they built this miniature stone fort for that reason.

We then walked all the way along the canal, determined to see everything Melaka had to offer, even in the rain. We stopped for lunch where we ate breakfast. I think the owners felt sorry for us with the weather so they gave us extra treats as well as the soup and sandwiches we’d ordered. After lunch Louise and I did our laundry and lounged at the hostel. We’d done all we wanted to so took this opportunity to have some down time!

Melaka was a super interesting place, rich with history. Just enough history not to bore you to death but enough to keep you interested. Cool bars and shops, Melaka was definitely worth the journey.

Real life updated 17.03.17:
We were actually in Melaka 28/02/17-02/03/17 but have been slow in uploading 😩😬For the past two weeks Louise and I have been on a tour around Borneo’s Sarawak. Unsurprisingly the jungle didn’t have wifi so that’s why I’ve been less active than usual! We had a fantastic time and I’ll have blog posts for you to read soon(ish) hopefully. All is well though, still having an utter ball. 47B28564-5FB3-4916-ACC0-91E0F881132E627ECF74-D9ED-4761-9AC7-97B6B983C86F


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