Louise and Me by the sea, in Langkawi

We were collected from our hostel on Koh Lanta and taken from here to a bus station at Trang where we had our first bus swap. From Trang we were all driven to Satun where some people on our bus were going to Koh Lipe and others to Langkawi. All of us bound for Langkawi were taken in another mini bus to the ferry port at Satun. At the ferry port we were told we’d have to wait 2h for the next ferry. To pass the time we all chatted as a group, meaning that by the time we were getting on the boat we were all pretty good friends. Not only this but the ferry port would be our last chance to spend our Thai coins which we wouldn’t be able to exchange. After collating our coins we pretty much had a feast. The group of us consisted of Louise and I, Tabea, Olivia and Asbørn. The ferry journey was 1 hour 30mins. The ferry had a TV on the wall at the front which made the rocky journey more bearable. For the whole journey a strange Thai comedy film about a transvestite volleyball team was shown on the TV. We all found this pretty amusing as the a lot of the subtitles were very poorly translated into English and on top of this the film was very pantomime esc which added to the hilarity.

Once we docked into Langkawi we passed through passport control and officially stepped on to Malaysian ground. The baggage checking seemed somewhat questionable. I unzipped my bag for the attendant to look and he had a brief glance before asking me if I had any sharp items or weapons. So I answered no, as you do, and only after walking away I clocked how lax it seemed. I did in fact have something sharp, I had my nail scissors with me… managed to get away with that one, thankfully. The five of us bundled into a taxi to Cenang Beach where our hostels were located. Louise, Asbørn and I all stayed at a hostel called Vila Thai. After checking in we went with Asbørn to get dinner. We walked to the main strip for dinner and ended up paying just 20RM (less that £4) for all three of us including drinks!! We then got some beers and took them to the beach for the rest of the evening. My first impressions of Malaysia and Langkawi were really good. Malaysia already seems more developed, most roads were paved better and there were much more up market shopping and housing than we saw in most of Thailand (maybe excluding the west coast in the south of Thailand).
The next day we decided to designate to local exploring. We went to the main Cenang beach to see it during the day time and let me tell you, it did NOT disappoint. The beach was huge and definitely the whitest sand I’ve ever seen. The sand was also so so fine it melted away beneath your feet as you walked along. The gorgeous white sand blended effortlessly into the bluest of waters. Langkawi Cenang beach has definitely topped my list of favourite beaches. It was honestly a vision of paradise. After taking it all in we decided to walk along the road to reach the next beach along. The neighbouring beach was far quieter with less jet skis and also less accommodation and bars ect. We decided it was here that we wanted to spend the rest of the day as it was quieter and but crucially it also had some shade for Louise who has skin of the paler variety. Once we’d had enough and I’d bored Louise with the theory of beginner windsurfing (it’s Louise here (the editor of this blog) this is not true) we walked back to Cenang and our hostel to shower before dinner. We’d agreed to go to eat with the whole group (Tabea, Olivia and Asbørn) but we acquired a few more members (Anton and Ethan) so our group for dinner became a team of 7. It was really nice to spend more time with the girls and to have made some really good friends in such a short time.

I’d emailed a company about joining one of their dives however this was cancelled due to dangers caused by the weather so the following day Louise and I decided to use to visit the Langkawi sky bridge. We got a taxi to the small “oriental village”, this was a theme park like area where the SkyCab left from and some other tourist attractions were found. We purchased our ticked at 12 ish but the next available boarding slot was 1pm so we decided to pass the time with the 3D Art museum. This was a small gallery, with paintings on the walls and floors that all had interactive elements. Some made you look like you were in a bubble, or a puppet or a fellow lazy panda. This was pretty funny as it was apparent that Louise and I also became part of the attractions. We were asked to pose for a photo with a couple of girls on the red carpet scene painting. After spending an hour in the gallery it was our time to board the SkyCab. However for some reason the queue was enormous, we didn’t make it onto one of the cable cars for another 1hour 45mins. After the slog of Disney land style, zig zag queuing we finally were gliding up the mountainside in a cable car. The views over the valley were stunning, you could see across lush green jungle to the towns and beyond them the ocean. We explored the top station and spent time admiring the 360° view of Langkawi. Next we payed 5RM more to enter the sky bridge which traversed across one of the valleys. It was astonishing as it seemed to hover, supported by one main pylon and the two anchor points at each end. After seeing everything we wanted to see we headed back down to the oriental village where we had lunch. We had a subway. Yes, I know, but sometimes you just need something familiar okay? Next we were keen to check out the waterfall (Seven Wells) that was also close by. We walked up the hill to the top of the waterfall. The rocks were one big smooth mass so the flow of water created small standing pools for the water to collect, hence the name. At the top we found another spontaneous collection of rock stacks, we added to the collection, as you’d expect. Next we walked down and visited the actual sight where you could see the waterfall from. It was spectacular, the drop was huge and in an open clearing. This was really unexpected as we haven’t heard much about this waterfall so didn’t have very high expectations, but it was stunning. We were pretty worm out by this point to decided to head back to Cenang. We grabbed a small set of Indian snacks for our dinner and ate them on the beach as the sun set. What better way is there to spend the evening?

Again I had tried to book onto a dive but like the day before it was cancelled due to the weather. Louise instead planned another day exploring. We walked to the second beach neighbouring Cenang beach and then along the water. We passed two other beaches before we couldn’t walk any further. The last beach we reached was very quiet as it was other accessible from the beach or off a couple of big posh looking resorts. We found a small patch of shade and camped there for an hour or so. We decided that we needed to arrange the next phase of our travels to Penang meaning we left the beach around lunch time to find a cafe with wifi. From here we booked accommodation in Penang. We also booked our transfer journey on the way back to our hostel. We wanted to make the beach for the final sunset on Langkawi, but as we left the hostel we saw that just up the road a bustling night market had sprung up! We decided to detour and get food from the market instead. I bought some form of noodle dish, and Louise got a satay tofu meal. We also bought a couple of samosas and walked as quickly as we could to the beach to eat our food. We made it to the beach just after the sun had set but the sky was still beautiful. It was a pale shade of purple that I hadn’t seen before, it was beautiful. This is on of those moments that photos just cannot capture but I assure you, it was perfect.

Langkawi was utterly beautiful, we had the most amazing time exploring our first location in Malaysia. I’ve loved being by the beach and living the island life but by now we’ve seen a lot of islands and small seaside towns. This meant personally I was really looking forward to seeing what Penang and George Town had to offer.




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