I tried green Fanta on Koh Lanta

We got a minibus transfer to Koh Lanta, meaning we were picked up from our hostel at 10:30 and taken all the way, including the ferry, to our next hostel called “Let it bee”.

Our hostel was a 4 story very skinny building which even had a kitchen for us to use if we wanted. We dumped our bags and made a b-line for the nearest beach. For us this was Koh Lanta’s Long beach. Sadly I wasn’t feeling my best so after a little wander down the beach I found some shade to rest in for the afternoon. In the evening we walked to the neighbouring beach just in time for sun set, another idyllic, post card, golden sky sunset. We felt like this was our welcoming to the island. As I wasn’t feeling well we ate dinner close to our hostel and had an early night.

The next day Louise and I decided the best way to explore would be bicycles. So we walked to the closest place renting out bikes and we rode away on two, slightly worse for wear, bikes with very questionable gears. The bikes had bits that squeaked and wobbled but they were our modes of transport for the day so we rode them with pride. We explored the west coast of the island taking in the surrounding as we drifted past. We stopped at a few beaches and only got lost once! We took a wrong turn and ended up on the east of the island meaning a long walk back up hill to return to the west. Apart from it being swelteringly hot we had a brilliant time. We made sure that we were back in the light as we didn’t fancy the Thai roads at night! For dinner we got take out food (I had tofu satay wrap) and took it to the beach to eat under the moonlight.

On our final day on Koh Lanta and Thailand itself I wanted to scuba dive. I went as soon as the shops were open in the morning to sign up to dive only to find out that the dive boats left at 8:00am and I was too late to join any dives that day. I was pretty gutted but I knew we would still had a fab day. We spent some time at the hostel socialising with a few girls from my dorm who had already been to Malaysia. We tried to squeeze every drop of advice out of them before we started our own Malaysian adventure. We grabbed some snacks to take to the beach and I finally caved to my curiosity of what “green Fanta” was. Never having seen it before I was cautious, and rightly so. I think it was supposed to be tropical flavour but the drink was so sweet that it tasted like liquid candy floss, with so much food colouring it was highlighter green in colour. Safe to say I won’t be having that one again… We then migrated to Long beach for the afternoon. I took advantage of the prices and availability of massages and got a coconut oil massage, which was divine might I add! We explored the beach some more before leaving with plenty of time to get back, washed and changed in time to eat dinner watching our final Thai sunset. We had a lovely dinner of classic Pad Thai and Chang beer, but due to dense cloud we sadly didn’t see the sun setting. Although the food we ate was a perfect way to end our trip in Thailand. We went to get some water on our way to bed at the mini mart near our hostel, we happened to bump into two girls from my dive course in Koh Tao!!! All four of us were so shocked and surprised. Louise and I had to drop some things off at the hostel but after that we bought a couple of beers from the shop and went to meet the girls. After a couple of hours of fun playing cards we decided we wanted a dance so we walked to one of the nearby bars. After we’d tired ourselves out dancing we thought there was no better to way round of the night than a beach beer and star gazing. We said good bye to Kelly and Rosie for what may or may not be the last time.

I was sad to be leaving Thailand after having so much fun and finding some truly amazing things. However I was also, SUPER excited to make it to our next country and for the next adventure to begin. Bring on Langkawi.



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