2016 Was A Blast (Mostly…)

WooOAah, what a year!

At the end of every year, most people like a little glance back at the events of the year before, so here’s my 2016.

Jan: My year started with A-Level mocks…School and work. Oh and of course you can’t forget the annual ‘Gang’ centre Parcs’ trip!! A jam packed weekend of sport, food and socialising. Its a shame Centre Parcs happens at the end of he month. January could do with some excitement earlier on.

Feb: This February ended up being pretty eventful. I spent half term in Valencia (what a treat) with Mum and Dad: sipping sangria, cycling up and down the ‘Turia’ and watching flamenco dancing. I also competed in the first cheerleading competition of the season. However, sadly, February was topped off with me braking my ankle on 29th, so I spent the last hours of February and the first of March in A&E… The broken ankle put a stop to my cheerleading for the year.

Mar: A frustrating month of hobbling on crutches, time off work and little exercise. Although Mum and I did manage to build my new bed. I also received an offer to study medicine at Birmingham, so all in all too bad.

Apr: A-level intensity increased in April and everything became a bit more serious. An air of apprehension at school and large amounts of stress. Finished off both Biology and Chemistry coursework exams.

May: I had my last day of sixth form, which was a lovely sunny day so we went on to the park and pub after before partying the night away. However this also marked the start of intense revision, I managed to survive revision season using gym sessions as motivation. (Its funny the things you’d do to procrastinate)

Jun: EXAM SEASON. I spent the first half of the month with my head down. I was studying and taking exams with my last exam on 23/06/16. Then three days later: 26/06/16 I was flying off to Greece. After having finished my exams I was ready to start my first summer season. This was the best way to end such an important month, with sun, sea and sand. (I know it isn’t a sandy beach but sun, sea and pebbles doesn’t work quite as well…)

Jul: I worked 6 days a week throughout July, at Club Vass in Greece. I used my spare time to windsurf, explore and socialise. I met so many people and made some amazing friends with people I have so much in common with. July was spent laughing a lot, working hard, windsurfing when I got the chance and generally loving the seasonaire life.

Aug: August was much like July, but the wind was slightly less reliable. I still had just as much fun. Peak season was super busy at the hotel and lunch time shifts were hard work but not even that could stop me loving working at Club Vass. I also received and celebrated my A-Level results which will allow me to study medicine at Birmingham University in 2017.

Sep: Apparently September is when storms start in Vassiliki… I saw some of the worst rainfall I’ve ever witnessed in these weeks but in between the rain the sun still shone. I took my ‘Start Windsurf Insrtuctor’ course and ended the month as a qualified windsurf instructor!

Oct: I spent the start of October in Greece, helping to pack down the hotel to be closed for the winter season. I came home and had summer blues for a very long time. I turned 19 and started work full time at Tiffin to occupy my time. I also started to look into where/when/what I wanted to travel in the new year!

Nov: November was a busy month largely spent earning money, working at Tiffin. Between shifts, Louise and I managed to plan, decide and book the first components of our South East Asian travels! On top of that Mum and I took part in a ‘Children in Need’ charity choir day. We sang songs from Les Mis as part of a choir of 1,000 people! I took a trip to Birmingham to visit my friends at University for Izzie’s 19th Birthday (this also gave me a little insight into what Birmingham Uni life might be like!). November flew by.

Dec: Another very busy month! The countdown to Christmas was an odd one as I am/was more focused on looking forward to January 2017 when I’m off travelling! We celebrated Tiffin’s 5th Birthday (of which I’ve been working for nearly 3 years off!). Tiffin’s Christmas party was hit, it also ended up turning into a Stealth night?! Me and Lou booked the last of our flights and the skeleton of our travels was finally complete.


All in all 2016 was a momentous year for me, doing a lot of things for the very first time. This is something that I wanted to do with my year out and I have definitely started as i mean to go on.

Now in Jan 2017 the momentum of my upcoming travels is picking up and a week today I’ll be heading off to Gatwick with Louise to start our travels.
Yes 2016 was good… But I have a feeling 2017 may be better 🙂

☀️. S .☀️


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