Home bound🏡

Being back in dreary England was an unwelcome change. Everything here is grey: the sky, the floor, the walls, people’s clothes and even their moods are on the grey side. Walking through London’s “St Pancras” station with my fluorescent pink sunglasses, sun bleached hair and tanned skin I felt somewhat out of place. The men and women commuting with briefcases in hand and suits on (grey suits I might add), frowned and huffed as Monte, Helen and I tried to navigate the station escalators with
: three suitcases and a windsurfing kit bag. It proved just as difficult as we’d expected.

The station staff seemed unmeasurably grumpy, but who could blame them. Working in a pollution filled, cold and rainy city day in day out.

However hard the Greece blues hit it was nice to be home, with carpet beneath my feet, snuggled under a duvet and mummy’s dinners to comfort me.

I had a lovely birthday too, visiting my grandparents and catching up with all my friends from home (the ones who didn’t head to uni). Although nights out in Nottingham are far more expensive then in Vass, with the: entrance cost, taxi home, bus in and drinks in the club it all adds up!

I’ve also started back working at Tiffin. It’s such a treat to be back working for Jo and Dianne, and within such a lovely team too. A few weeks back I had the privilege of representing Tiffin with both Jo and Di, at the welcoming home of the Olympic athletes at Nottingham University. We prepared a selection of afternoon tea cakes, scones and one large celebration cake for the medalists! Tiffin put on a great spread, it’s been so great being part of Tiffin’s growth over the years.

For now my time is taken up by work and travel planning, it’s all getting exciting now!

☀️. S . ☀️


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