As the season comes to an end…

Yassas (Hello in Greek) 👋

Having been out here for 12 weeks now, calling my room ‘home’ feels accurate. However the season is coming to an end, with only two weeks of guest left, there are lots of staff heading back to reality. It feels odd saying goodbye to people A) who I may never see again and B) people who it’ll be a year before reuniting with next season. Season life is strange in the way that there is a relatively small group of people, but you spend all your time with them. Whether it’s socialising or working with them. I have met a wonderful bunch of people and feel very blessed as I would never have met such a group in any other context.

So away from that I have some good news!!!! I’m now a start windsurf instructor! Last week I was lucky enough to be given a week off work to complete my start instructors course. Me and Tom (also on the bar) joined a group of three men also doing the course. On the Tuesday I had my presentation on “Tides”, and living in central England I didn’t find this the easiest of tasks. However on the Monday night I had a whole team of helpers in my room going through the details with me. I had Sophie, Joe, Monte and Sarah J (who are all already qualified and experienced instructors) there to help. Come Tuesday morning, apart from the expected presentation butterfly’s, I felt prepared. From the feedback I got I was happy with how it went with only a few things to improve on. Wednesday and Thursday were spent perfecting I our ‘simulator’and ‘on water’ demonstrations. The ‘on water’ manoeuvres proved a touch more difficult than id have thought, although not having been on a long board for 2 years, I managed to get them cracked by Thursday. Thursday night a lot of the Club Vass staff headed to the Syvota riggata but I stayed in and rehearsed my possible sessions for assement day on the Friday.

ASSESSMENT DAY: An external moderator came in on Friday to complete our assessments. He gave us which sessions we’d be running and deliberately asked us probing questions to see how we reacted. The whole day went so quickly and the next thing I knew I was sat at the FlyingFish table waiting for my debrief with the other lads. From the start of post you can guess the outcome but I was so so over the moon to have passed!!!! I then rushed out for a cheeky windsurf then partied the night away at the LEGENDARY CLUB VASS BBQ.

Aside from the instructor excitement the weather recently has been pants. With the number of storms over the past three weeks and the amount if cloud I’ve seen, I may as well be in England. However in true Club Vass style every quiz, film and board game have been dusted off to entertain the guests. It’s at this point in the season I question only bringing two pairs of trousers both of which are jeans and one of which are white.

All this being said I’m still having the most amazing time, living in a foreign country with a whole bunch of similar minded people all doing what we love.




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