The First Seven Weeks Of Summer


I’ve been meaning to start this blog since my exams ended…but in the whirlwind of fun so far  I haven’t found time until now.

My first seven weeks since my exams ended have been amazing. I’ve started a new job in Greece, began living away from home and met a whole lot of new and interesting people. The first week of work was difficult as I was still so drained from exam stress, but it soon got better!

On my secon day off I went on a road trip to a nearby beach Kathisma; with Coco, Tim and Toni. We spent the day on the beautiful sandy beach and in a bar/beach club called Copella. Never missing an opportunity for a night out we managed to make it back in time for happy hour and partied the night away.

Through all this madness I’ve managed to squeeze in a lot of windsurfing, I’m currently trying to perfect my duck gybe (a fancy turn for you non windsurfing folks). Not only this but I’m moving closer and closer to learning some freestyle as I’m learning fundamentals of jumping!

Yes I have long hours but I am living he dream. It feels crazy to me that I’m able to live somewhere with the sun and the sea, but also be able to windsurf, party and relax…and get paid.

☀️ .S. ☀️



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